Motoring ProsecutionsIf your employees drive a vehicle on business – be it a company vehicle or their own – recent years have seen new laws introduced to clamp down on dangerous and careless driving.

The penalties can include fines, driving bans, and in extreme cases imprisonment. If an employee of yours is convicted for causing death by dangerous or careless driving, you could even face a charge of Corporate Manslaughter. Nowadays, the law places a greater onus than ever on you to ensure that your employees have clear guidelines as to what constitutes acceptable behaviour behind the wheel.

How well do you understand Motoring Prosecutions?

To help you understand Motoring Prosecutions and Convictions, and how they could impact upon your business,we have two pieces of free content that you may find useful. They could even help you improve your systems and procedures, leaving you less vulnerable to prosecution in the event of a serious road accident involving one of your employees.

Firstly, we recommend you try our quick quiz on Motoring Prosecutions – there are 5 quick questions and you may be surprised by some of the answers.

Secondly, we recommend you read the Guide to Motor Prosecutions from global insurers Allianz. The guide is jointly written by Allianz, and DAC Beachcroft – a specialist Motor Prosecutions lawyer. It gives a clear and detailed explanation of the nature of each offence, and the implications for you and your employees.

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