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Public Liability Insurance can help protect you if a third party is injured, or their property is lost or damaged as a result of your business activities.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Quite simply, Public Liability Insurance covers any legal liability your business incurs as part of its business activities. If a third party – such as a customer or business visitor – alleged that they had suffered a financial loss as a result of your business activity, they may take legal action against the company to recover those losses.For example, if a business visitor tripped or fell at your premises and was injured or unable to work, they may sue for damages. A Public Liability Insurance policy would help you defend that claim and cover the cost of any damages and legal costs.Public Liability Insurance does not cover claims from employees, as they would be covered under an Employers’ Liability policy. Public Liability is typically arranged alongside Products Liability, as part of the same policy. Products Liability covers any claims for compensation that specifically arise out of the use of your products.

What level of Public Liability Insurance do I need?

There is no definitive answer to how much Public Liability Insurance you need. You simply need to consider the maximum loss that a customer or third party might incur as a result of your business activity, and ensure you have adequate cover.This will vary by trade – for example a firm of architects working from a small office would be very low risk, compared with a firm of scaffolders working at the large offices of a corporate client. Many construction workers have £10m or even £20m Public Liability cover.

Why should I deal with JM Glendinning for my Public Liability Insurance?

We can arrange Public Liability insurance for businesses ranging from a sole trader to a large corporate. Typically, Public Liability Insurance is arranged as part of a wider Liability Insurance policy, which will often also include Employers’ Liability and Products Liability. If you are unfortunate enough to make a claim, our experienced, dedicated claims team will help you by negotiating with insurers on your behalf to help conclude the claim quickly to your satisfaction.

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