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We can help you keep up to date with Employment Law, simply and cost-effectively

Our Employment Law consultancy service, can be completely tailored to the needs of your business to help you stay on the right side of new legislation. Employment Law is an increasingly complex area, with regular changes throughout the year, which you need to be aware of as an employer.

Keeping up to date can be difficult, but the consequences of getting it wrong can be complicated, costly and time-consuming for your business. Our Employment Law packages can take much of that risk away for you. We provide a tailored service, backed where necessary by qualified solicitors.

Simple Employment Law packages

Through our partnership with Lighthouse Risk Services – part of the JM Glendinning Group – we offer simple, affordable Employment Law packages. If you don’t have a dedicated HR specialist within your business, we can ensure you stay up to date and reduce your risks of tribunals or discrimination claims.

The service is tailored to the needs of your business, and might include any of these services:

  • Employment Tribunals – If you are taken to employment tribunal, the solicitors we work with can handle the process for you from start to finish.
  • Employee Handbooks – Your employee handbook is the first point of reference for any queries from your employees. We can help you create and amend this document over time to ensure it remains up to date.
  • Employment Contracts – You may need new employment contracts, or simply want to update your existing ones. Either way, we can arrange for specialist legal advice on the content of your contracts.
  • Conflict Resolution – If you have disciplinary problems or receive grievances from employees, specialist legal advice can help you resolve this amicably to help avoid it escalating in to a tribunal.
  • Advice Line – For simpler queries and advice, a 24/7 Employment Law helpline is on hand to help you resolve minor problems quickly.

We work with you to understand the needs of your business, and come up with a straightforward, fixed fee package that meets your needs.

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