Watch and jewellery insurance from JMG Insurance Brokers

JM Glendinning Private Clients are specialists in insuring all your most treasured jewellery and watches; we ensure you have the right cover that suits your lifestyle.

Many insurance products have restricting single article limits and conditions that apply.  At JM Glendinning, we prefer to work with the most trusted insurers who we know provide wider flexible cover and an excellent claims service.  Giving that peace of mind needed in the event of a loss.

To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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watch and jewellery insurance from JMG Private Clients

Did you know in the event of a claim, most insurers will require sight of a valuation that is no more than 3 years old?

In view of this, we have built up a network of registered valuers, whom we work closely with to maintain a proactive approach with our clients.

Due to the unique construction, monetary value and sentimental value of jewellery and watches, they require a great level of care.

We will provide advice on valuing, protecting and storing your valuable items.

Here’s some top tips:

  • Check your valuer or jeweller is a member of the ‘National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)’ or member of the ‘Guild of Valuers and Jewellers’;

  • Diamonds weighing more than 1 carat should have a diamond grading laboratory report;

  • Have clasps and settings on jewellery and watches inspected by your jeweller on a regular basis, to ensure they have not become worn or damaged;

  • The markets for precious gemstones and precious metals can be hugely volatile, so price fluctuations are common, this supports the reason for recommending valuations be done at least every 3 years;

  • Certain brands of jewellery and watches such as Rolex, Phillipe Patek, Tiffany and Georg Jensen have vastly increased replacement values which should be considered when setting your sums insured;

  • Turn rings around to conceal diamonds and stones and cover high-value watches with long-sleeved clothing when in busy, public areas;

  • For maximum protection, safes should be housed in an alarmed area of your home;

Why insure with JM Glendinning Private Clients?

JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers is one of the top 75 Brokers in the UK. We are a family owned business, established in 1972, now employing over 100 people in offices across the UK.

The Private Clients team specialises in placing bespoke insurance cover to protect your personal assets, including your home, antiques and artwork to jewellery, holiday homes and specialist or high value motor vehicles.

We provide a confidential and personalised service, with professional advice to suit your lifestyle and protecting the things that matter to you.

Meet The Team

Paul Glendinning
Paul GlendinningGroup CEO
As Group CEO, Paul oversees the day-to-day running of all three businesses in the group.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew HolmesAccount Executive, J M Glendinning Private Clients
01943 883638
Wendy Cornwell-Vernon
Wendy Cornwell-VernonAccount Executive, J M Glendinning Private Clients
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Sharon Holmes
Sharon HolmesAccount Handler, JM Glendinning Private Clients
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Zoe Craven
Zoe CravenAccount Handler, JM Glendinning Private Clients
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Stuart Broadbent
Stuart BroadbentAccount Handler, JM Glendinning Private Clients
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