Renovation Insurance

JM Glendinning recognises there is a growing trend of home owners renovating or extending their homes.

Most household insurance policies restrict or exclude cover automatically whilst building works are ongoing. We would strongly advise against relying on your builder’s insurance policy to cover the works, particularly if there is a joint contract (JCT) in place which stipulates who is responsible for insurance.

To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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When looking to insure a property being renovated, there are many different factors to consider:

  • Household insurance limitations or exclusions

  • Your home or the existing structure during the works

  • The works which should reflect the cost of the contract including professional fees, VAT, debris removal and any materials supplied by you and not the contractor such as windows, lighting, kitchens (this is known as free issue materials)

  • Liability and understanding your legal obligations

  • JCT Contracts provide protection to both you and your contractor and can save significant time and money in the event of a loss or dispute. It also gives a framework for your project to be delivered on time and on budget

renovation insurance from JMG Private Clients

Very few insurers will cover a project once it has started, therefore limiting your options. The earlier you engage with us the more comprehensive the cover will be and the better the outcome.

We can help you understand what your requirements are and arrange specialist renovation insurance designed to protect your interests.

Why insure with JM Glendinning Private Clients?

JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers is one of the top 75 Brokers in the UK. We are a family owned business, established in 1972, now employing over 100 people in offices across the UK.

The Private Clients team specialises in placing bespoke insurance cover to protect your personal assets, including your home, antiques and artwork to jewellery, holiday homes and specialist or high value motor vehicles.

We provide a confidential and personalised service, with professional advice to suit your lifestyle and protecting the things that matter to you.

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