At JM Glendinning we recognise your collection of fine art, antiques and valuables makes you and your home unique. Get advice on the right antique insurance for your home.

We ensure they are adequately covered whether they are inherited, gifted or bought on impulse. When most people think of fine art, they think of paintings, when in fact it can incorporate antiques, sculptures and collections such as books, coins, memorabilia, silverware, stamps and wine. We can arrange fine art and antique insurance to suit your particular requirements, and ensure everything is adequately protected.

To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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To discuss your needs, call us on  01943 876631

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Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a specialist fine art and antique insurance policy:

  • Agreed value basis – reductions in value following damage and repair are protected;

  • Automatic cover for new purchases – impulse buys from the day of purchase, as long as you inform us within the agreed period;

  • Death of the artist cover – for specified artwork;

  • Defective title – when someone claims that an item is not rightfully yours and you are legally obliged to return it

Did you know in the event of a fine art & antique insurance claim, most insurers will require sight of a valuation that is no more than 3 years old?  In view of this, we have built up a network of specialist valuers, whom we work closely with to maintain a proactive approach with our clients.

Why choose JM Glendinning Private Clients to arrange your fine art and antique insurance policy?

JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers is one of the top 75 Brokers in the UK. We are a family owned business, established in 1972, now employing over 100 people in offices across the UK.

The Private Clients team specialises in placing bespoke insurance cover to protect your personal assets, including your home, antiques and artwork to jewellery, holiday homes and specialist or high value motor vehicles.

We provide a confidential and personalised service, with professional advice to suit your lifestyle and protecting the things that matter to you.

Meet The Team

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Paul GlendinningGroup CEO
As Group CEO, Paul oversees the day-to-day running of all three businesses in the group.
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Frequently asked questions about Fine Art and Antique Insurance cover

Every Fine Art andd Antique Insurance policy differs, in that it can be tailored to your exact requirements. This ensures that you get the adequate protection that you need, without paying for features and benefits that you don’t need. For example, it may be that you want to have an antique insurance policy that provides cover abroad (at a holiday home, or a piece of antique jewellery that you wear, for example). But if you don’y need that cover, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

While every Fine art and Antique Insurance policy is different, JMG offer the same, personal and quality service to all clients. This includes:

  • Dedicated account handler who you will know by name.
  • Specialist claims handling and claims support.
  • Complimentary access to risk management, security and valuation experts.

When taking out an antique insurance policy, it’s really important to make sure that the specified indemnity level (the maximum figure that the policy would pay out in the event of a valid claim) accurately reflects the value of your items or collection. Being under insured is one of the most common reasons that insurers don’t pay out in the event of a claim. When it comes to fine art and antiques, valuations can fluctuate widely as fashions change.

For these reasons, most insurers will require to see evidence of a valuation that is no more than 3 years old. If you haven’t had a recent valuation, we can help. We have built up a network of valuation experts, who will be able to put an accurate valuation on individual items as well as your collection as a whole, before you take out the antique insurance policy.

With an antique insurance policy bought through JMG Private clients, you are insured automatically, but you will need to inform us about the new item within a specified period – check your antique insurance policy wording for details, or simply ask us about it.