We are pleased to announce our partnership with a new health insurance provider, Equipsme. Equipsme now makes health insurance for the most valuable asset – your workforce – more affordable.

What is Equipsme?

The team at Equipsme has designed and built a simple, practical and flexible Health Plan which includes Health Insurance from AXA PPP healthcare and brings together essential services such as GP Access 24/7, a personalised Health Check and optional extras such as Stress Support – all supplied by market leading UK experts: Medical solutions, Thriva and Health Assured.

Easy to work out the cost

There are four levels of cover starting with GP Plus which costs only £7 per person per month. You can then add increasing levels of health benefits up to £37 per person per month.

What makes it different?

  • Plain-speaking and easy to understand
  • No medical questions on application (simple pre-existing condition exclusion)
  • All ages 16-69 years cost the same at every level
  • Make it affordable by mixing cover levels and benefits
  • Employees can choose to pay to upgrade and add family
  • For all businesses with 2+ employees

Employee upgrades & family

Equipsme not only brings the benefit of Health and Wellbeing to the business, it also empowers the employees who can choose to pay to upgrade their level of cover and/or add their family to their plan by paying from their own bank account.

Benefit to the business

  • Employees want health insurance as part of their employment package
  • Look after your employees and show that their Health and Wellbeing is important to you
  • Make it easier to attract and retain the best employees
  • Ease workforce stress and anxiety
  • Help employees get well quickly and back to work as soon as possible

Watch the product overview here.

Want to know more?

Simply give us a call on 01943 969 131 or email us at info@jmginsurance.co.uk