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JM Glendinning can help find the right Marketing Consultant Insurance and Advertising Agency Insurance. In the fast-paced world of Advertising and Marketing, you need an insurance broker who’s up to speed and understands your business

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Marketing Consultancy and Advertising are dynamic fields that reward creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Balancing client demands, budget constraints and vision can be tricky. In a world of fine lines and tight deadlines, we can help you if a problem arises.


Why do I need Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Insurance?

Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agencies need to be protected on all fronts. Claims could arise from any direction – from a physical mishap caused by a loose paving stone to a client suing for ‘bad advice’. These days, some of the biggest risks come from digitalised systems, as well as the more traditional pitfalls of copyright violations and professional indemnity claims.

A robust, forward-thinking Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Insurance plan will give your media business peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on the inspirational aspects of your work.

What is covered by Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Insurance?

Every Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency has different needs, depending on factors such as size, structure and business-focus – and at JM Glendinning we work with insurers to find you a tailored insurance plan. However, these covers are among the most essential:

  • Marketing Consultants Professional Indemnity Insurance. If an unhappy client claims they have lost money due to a fault or failing in your professional services, they may sue you for damages; in which case, you could find yourself paying out compensation as well as associated legal costs. Professional indemnity cover provides protection on two fronts: compensating you for damages and covering legal fees.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance. This protects you against allegations made by a member of your own staff, including discrimination, unfair dismissal or harassment claims. In the vast majority of cases, employers liability insurance isn’t just sensible – it’s required by law.
  • Cyber liability insurance. We are now well into the digital age, with most business processes and communications happening – and being stored – online. This generally means faster and better results for advertising and marketing professionals of all sizes. However, it brings a new set of hazards. The advent of ‘big data’ as a resource for marketers means that you could find yourself in control of huge amounts of potentially confidential information. The risks of cyber crime and data theft can be offset by cyber liability (or e-risks) cover, which will minimise the damage if your systems are hacked.

What level of cover do I need for my Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Insurance?

These days, marketing and advertising agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with some providing a whole suite of media services while others focus on one specific area. A creative freelancer may face a very different set of risks to a medium-sized marketing consultancy.

The key consideration when deciding what level of insurance cover to buy is the scope of your potential liability. A professional broker like JMGlendinning will be able to help you make this decision, and find you a robust insurance plan to suit your individual needs.

Why should I deal with JM Glendinning for my Marketing Consulting and Advertising Agency Insurance?

As specialist brokers since 1972, we have industry insights and business relationships that give us access to the best insurance policies on the market. We can assess your marketing consulting or advertising agency and give you personal recommendations based on your real needs, not something we simply want to sell.

We are a mid-sized business, employing over 100 people. As such, we’re small enough to offer a personal service, but big enough to have buying power with major insurers – which makes us perfectly placed to find you quality Marketing Consultancy or Advertising Agency Insurance at a competitive price.

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