Group PA & Travel November 2015Nobody likes paying twice for insurance or being charged for cover they don’t need. However, if your business has Group Personal Accident & Travel cover, you may find that you can save money elsewhere.

Personal Accident & Travel cover is useful if your employees travel regularly on business, especially overseas. The exact nature of the cover depends on the insurer and the policy that you take out, but it typically includes cover for cancellation and curtailment, loss of/damage to your luggage and other property, as well as fixed benefits in the event of an accident.

However, policies vary greatly and in many instances we’ve arranged policies for clients that enabled them to cancel some of their other business or personal insurances and save money when they travel.

Here are some of the features that you may be surprised to know can be included on a Group Personal Accident & Travel policy:

  • Holiday Cover – Directors & Senior Managers’ personal holidays can be included under the policy, and can even be extended to include partners, children and domestic staff such as nannies.
  • Hire Car Excess Cover –  When hiring a car abroad – be that for business or personal use – the excess payable if you have an accident can be considerable. This can also be covered under a Group Travel policy.
  • Emergency Document Storage – You can upload important travel documents to a secure, personal website for retrieval if you should lose them whilst abroad.
  • Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance – Rather than try to communicate with hospitals yourself, our insurers can provide trained specialists to find you the right medical care quickly.
  • Smartphone App – To save on paperwork, a dedicated app gives you a quick-help call button to connect you to emergency travel, medical and security assistance.

If you’d like a quotation for Group Personal Accident & Travel cover, or would like to discuss your requirements, call your nearest office or contact us through the website for more information.