JM Glendinning will work on your behalf to find you a quality Gym Insurance package that will keep you fully protected from all the hazards of the industry.

Gyms have become an essential part of modern life for many people, and the range of choices is wider every day. That makes for a dynamic market, but it can also mean elevated risks – for you, your clients, and your employees. A robust Gym Insurance plan is essential for any gym or health centre.

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Buying your Gym Insurance through an experienced broker like JM Glendinning has many pluses – but the biggest advantage is that we can compare quotes from insurers to make sure you get the best deal in terms of quality and value for money.

What is Gym Insurance?

Gym Insurance is an insurance package that has been carefully designed in order to protect you against the risks that are particular to gyms, health clubs and sports clubs. It can be purchased via a number of different insurance companies and tailored to fit your needs.

Gym Insurance can protect you from claims from within your staff to injured clients suing for ‘bad advice’ from personal trainers.

No matter what the size and specialism of your gym, we can help you find the perfect Gym Insurance plan.

Who needs Gym Insurance?

Independent gyms are the most obvious candidates for Gym Insurance – but other companies that qualify for this kind of insurance can include:

  • Hotel and apartment complex gyms
  • Martial arts studios
  • Boxing clubs
  • Yoga and pilates studios
  • Cross-fit centres
  • Sports clubs
  • Health clubs

What does Gym Insurance cover?

A quality Gym Insurance plan will protect you against foreseeable risk, and plans may vary quite significantly from business to business, depending on such factors as:

  • the size of the gym
  • activities offered
  • number of staff

Most Gym Insurance policies will contain at least the following core covers, with the option for adding more:

  • Public Liability Insurance. This is one of the most essential covers for any business. It protects you in case you are sued by a client or visitor for damage to their property or person – or in the worst case, death.
  • Employers Liability Insurance. This is a legal requirement for any gym or sports club employing staff, even on a part-time or temporary basis. It does a similar job to Public Liability Insurance, with the difference that the claims would come from your employees and not the public.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance. This covers you if a client claims that your professional advice (or that of one of your employees) has led to an illness or injury. Such claims are on the rise, and Professional Indemnity is strongly recommended for gyms of all sizes.

Why buy my Gym Insurance through JM Glendinning?

Gym Insurance can be bought quickly and sometimes cheaply online. However, these policies may not be the best fit for your gym’s needs – and can contain exclusions that leave you vulnerable to potentially ruinous claims.

A professional insurance broker like JM Glendinning can assess your needs and match them with a range of quality policies from some of the UK’s leading insurers. We can then make sure you get the insurance plan you need by tailoring it to your needs.

Should you have to make a claim on your Gym Insurance, we’ll be on hand to make the process smoother.

For advice and a fast quote call 0191 649 8689

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For advice and a fast quote call 0191 649 8689

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