Company Car drivers more likely to exceed speed limits

Company Car newsThe RAC has urged fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ activity more closely, after research has revealed that company car drivers are more inclined to drive in excess of the speed limit.

Their ‘Report on Motoring 2014’ found that business drivers feel within their rights to drive at least slightly above the limit . Recent years have seen the introduction of more ‘smart motorways’, which make use of the hard shoulder during busy times and include variable speed limits. As a result, there are no plans to increase the speed limit on British motorways, but company car drivers feel that it should increase.
The report highlights a number of differences between Company Car drivers, when compared with private motorists:
  • 88% of Company Car drivers admit to speeding regularly (compared with only 67% of private motorists)
  • 90% felt that the 70mph limit was too low (compared with only 69% of private motorists).
  • 62% reach speeds of 80mph or more (compared with only 32% of private motorists)
  • 8% reach speeds above 90mph (compared with only 3% of private motorists)
The most popular reasons cited for speeding were as follows:
  • Drivers were  just following the flow of traffic (31%)
  • Driving conditions were very favourable (19%)
  • 70 mph felt too slow(15%)
  • Modern cars can handle higher speeds easily (8%)
The RAC are concerned that these attitudes could impact on safety, as well as hitting the pockets of companies and their drivers in terms of fines and penalties. As a big advocate of telematics, they again highlighted the fact that it can benefit fleet managers not only in terms of driver behaviour and safety, but can also help with fuel efficiency and monitoring individuals’ time-keeping and efficiency.

How well do you understand the risks of driving on business?

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  1. Tom August 28, 2016 at 12:06 am - Reply

    None of those statistics surprise me in the slightest.
    Company car drivers have places to be. They have meetings to get to. They’re not the standard neurotic who grips the wheel, white knuckled, with both hands in blind and all-consuming fear.
    So yes, I’d be very surprised to see a company car driver in the inside lane at 70, being overtaken by horse boxes and lorries.
    Here’s something that almost everyone in this country knows: 70mph is an embarrassingly low speed limit which is totally inappropriate in the modern world. The government knows this, motorists know this. It’s why, if you’re on the motorway doing 70, you’re the slowest moving vehicle on it. One suspects the people most strongly in favour of a 70mph limit are the ones who lean further to the left than a man who’s just had his left foot amputated.
    80mph works fairly well for vehicles on the continent. I’ll gladly admit that, as a company car driver, I cruise at 90, which is probably a bit too fast. 70 is too far the other way. Furthermore, I’m far from the only one in the outside lane doing 90, either, so those surveyed are liars.

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