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Our integrated Risk Management Services will help you manage the costs you face in overcoming the risks you face as a business.

Insurance is just one of many costs you face when it comes to managing your risks. For many businesses, their insurance premiums are just the tip of the iceberg, far outweighed by the hidden costs of an incident, such as staff absences, lower productivity and missed opportunities. It takes time and effort to assess, understand and manage all of the risks you face and how best to manage them.

We guide you through that process to find the right balance between your many risks, opportunities and costs. That way, you can build a business that’s effective, compliant and sustainable. Of course, keeping insurance costs manageable in the short-term is important and we’ll use our relationships with insurers to make this a reality too. However, this long-term, integrated focus on risk has proved very effective for many of our corporate clients.

The Risk Management Process

We work with you to build our understanding of your business, your strategy and the risks you face in executing it. Naturally there will be some risks you can manage cost-effectively yourself. Others will need to be transferred out of your business, in the form of insurance.

Risk is an inevitable part of running a business, but we’ll work with you to help you understand which ones are a real potential threat to your business, and how best to deal with them. Throughout the process, our focus is on balancing the safety and sustainability of your business, against the costs you incur to manage risk.

Insurance is a great safety net for your business, but it should be your last line of defence rather than your first. With the right systems, processes and procedures in place, you can help reduce the risk of a serious incident happening in the first place. It’s even possible that you could end up paying less for your insurance in the long run.

Thanks to our in-house expertise in Health & Safety and Employment Law, we can help you take greater control of your own risks. We will help you remain compliant with the relevant legislation and regulations, whilst keeping processes simple and manageable. You effectively outsource an element of your regulatory duties and responsibilities to us.

Insurance then operates as your last line of defence. For any risks that you can’t manage or eliminate yourself, we’ll put together a comprehensive review of your current insurance arrangements. We’ll feed back on the suitability of your cover, especially and gaps in the cover or unnecessary exposure to risk.

Thanks to our strong relationships with major insurers, we can then negotiate competitive cover that’s tailored to your needs. We work closely with those insurers to create competition for your business, and ensure that the processes and procedures you have in place are reflected in the premium you pay.

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