Equipsme – Business Healthcare Insurance

Looking to provide a business healthcare insurance plan for your staff? Equipsme might just fit the bill!

  • Cover available for businesses with 2 – 250 staff
  • Cover starts from just £7 per person per month
  • Flexible cover means you can choose a policy that is right for your business and employees
  • 24/7 GP access on all levels of cover
  • Options to include personalised health checks, physio, diagnostic and treatments.

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Why it’s a good idea to provide Health insurance for employees

In an age where competition to recruit and keep the best employees is constantly increasing, having an employee benefits package that includes staff healthcare provision can only be a good thing. And with NHS waiting times on the up, Business Healthcare Insurance from Equipsme, which includes 24/7 GP access even on the most basic package, is bound to be attractive to the people who work for you.

There’s good reason to offer it to staff as a business, too. A healthy workforce, who feel valued, are likely to be more productive and loyal. What’s more, the business is likely to benefit from reduced rates of absenteeism.

So, there are all sorts of good reasons to invest in Business Healthcare Insurance – both for the business and the employees who work there. Here at JMG, we are proud to be able to arrange cover from Equipsme. Equipsme provides flexible and affordable cover for a wide range of businesses. Why not pick up the phone today, we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

What is included on the Equipsme Business Healthcare Insurance policy?

Equipsme staff health insurance is underwritten by AXA PPL, with a range of further benefits mader through partners. The Healthcare insurance for employees that is available is highly flexible, with four ‘levels’ of cover, and a range of further optional enhancements to choose from.

GP Plus: (£7 p/month p/employee)

  • 24/7 access to GP appointments by phone
  • Prescription delivery service
  • Up to 3 physio sessions
  • No Excess
  • Online health check

Level 3: (£17 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus, as well as:

  • Open referral to diagnosis cover
  • Up to 5 physio sessions
  • Consultations, diagnostic tests, MRI scans & CT scans
  • Vitamin D blood test kit
  • Second opinion from another specialist

Level 2: (£29 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus and Level 3, as well as:

  • Up to 8 physio sessions
  • Hospital treatment includes specialists, surgeons, room, dressings and drugs

Level 1: (£37 p/month p/employee)

Benefits of GP Plus, Level 3 and Level 2, as well as:

  • No yearly limit on physiotherapy sessions

Beyond these four policy options, there is a range of extras available, including:

  • Stress support
  • Dental cover
  • Opticians cover

To find out more about the different levels of cover, call us on 01943 969 216, read the following Flyer and Guide, or contact us through the website.

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