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We can find competitive Brewery Insurance for all kinds of breweries, including craft and micro breweries

If you’re looking for brewery insurance, we’ll work with you to get to know your business and use our buying power with established insurers to help you. We’ll find cover that meets the needs of your brewery at a competitive premium.

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What is covered by Brewery Insurance?

Just like many businesses involved in manufacturing processes, as a brewer you will need a wide range of covers, which would typically include the following:

  • Material Damage cover against your property, brewing equipment, raw materials, stock and office equipment
  • Public & Products Liability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Product Recall Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance

As an independent broker, we will carry out a full fact-find to establish your needs. As part of this, we’ll also explain wider covers you may need, such as Cyber Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, and more. We also have specialist in-house Health & Safety consultancy which can help you manage your risks to reduce the chance of an insurance claim in the first place.

What do you need to consider when it comes to Brewery Insurance?

Whilst many of the risks you face will apply to most businesses, we recognise that brewing brings some unique risks with it as well. As such, you need to look carefully at your risks and processes, and these are just some of the risks you face as a brewer:

  • Moving, loading and unloading of large quantities of raw materials or products can present a great deal of risk
  • Contamination of the product can result in recall costs or product liability claims
  • Theft of the product, either by staff or external people could prove costly and disrupt supply to your customers
  • Processes such as cooking, toasting and fermentation can lead to a higher risk of fire than for most businesses
  • Liability Insurance that extends to include beer festivals and other external events

Why should you deal with JM Glendinning for your Brewery Insurance?

We’ve been established since 1972 and we’re now one of the UK’s Top-75 Insurance Brokers, among over 3,000. As a family-run business, we’re now big enough to have significant buying-power with major insurers, but we’re still focused on providing professional, personal insurance advice to our clients. We’re also members of BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association), one of the foremost insurance bodies in the UK.

If you need to make a claim, you can count on our dedicated, in-house claims team to help you through the process and work with you and the insurer to achieve a prompt settlement of your claim.

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