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As an architect you do highly a complex job, in which a small error can have far-reaching consequences. Architects Professional Indemnity insurance protects you in case those repercussions have a financial impact on your client.

If a client felt that your professional advice had been erroneous, or fallen short of the mark, they could sue you for damages. A good Architects’ Professional Indemnity insurance policy will ensure that you’re protected financially if the worst happens.

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What does Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

As an architect you make hundreds of decisions every day. What’s more, those decisions may be constantly revised by the client, who might make sudden changes due to budget restrictions, or even just on a whim. You work with large amounts of data, and often from multiple drafts of plans. Working long hours makes it even harder to ensure that you and your client are working to exactly the same plans.

Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you in the event of an error or omission on your part.  For example, you might neglect to inform your client of an important construction law which limits the scope of their project; or you might make a design fault which results in serious water damage.

Professional Indemnity Insurance would help you to defend the claim and cover the legal costs if and when a client takes legal action against you due to a fault in your work.

Do I really need Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

For an architect, professional indemnity insurance isn’t just advisable – it’s essential. There are few other professions which have such a narrow margin for error, combined with the potential for a significant compensation claim. Having the right cover in place will give you peace of mind that in the worst case scenario, you would be covered for a compensation payout, as well as the related legal costs.

Why should I deal with JM Glendinning for my Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Finding the right professional indemnity cover for architects can be tricky, as not every broker knows the market well enough to serve your needs. JM Glendinning have been specialist brokers since 1972 and have decades of experience in arranging Professional Indemnity Insurance, as well as helping our architect clients through the claims process.

We employ over 100 people and operate nationwide, making us small enough to offer a highly personal service, but big enough to have significant buying power with major insurers. As one of the UK’s Top-100 brokers, we remain independent, which means we can help you to find competitive professional indemnity cover.

Jake Fox – Managing Director, JM Glendinning Professional Risks

Jake has been arranging Professional Indemnity Insurance for architects since 2000. He has worked with practices of all sizes and specialisms. His Professional Indemnity career began in the London Market, before starting a new branch office to serve professionals in the North.

He now combines the technical expertise he gained in the London Market, with his local knowledge of the architectural sector to find the right cover for clients.

Jake Fox, JM Glendinning Professional Risks MD

Jake Fox – Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance specialist

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