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If you rent your UK home through Airbnb, talk to us and we’ll help you arrange a specific Airbnb Insurance policy.

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While Airbnb offers great opportunities to earn a valuable extra income, there is also an element of risk. Even if you only rent your property occasionally, many insurance companies may refuse to cover you. We can help you find a specific policy that’s suitable for your needs, at a competitive premium.

Who needs Airbnb Insurance?

The more frequently you rent out your property, the greater the risks you run. However, even a one-off rental could cause you problems if you were unlucky. Our Airbnb Insurance has been developed to meet the needs of just about all UK Airbnb hosts. Online marketplaces are constantly growing and diversifying, and although it is the rapid growth of Airbnb that has prompted us to arrange such insurance, the cover provided should also be suitable for rentals through Housetrip and other websites and platforms that emerge in future.

What is Airbnb Insurance?

As an Airbnb host, you automatically have some degree of protection against liability claims from your guests. This would protect you if they were injured or their property was damaged, whilst staying at your property, if you were found to be liable. However, many renters mistakenly believe that Airbnb’s guarantee operates the same as a home insurance policy. In reality, it doesn’t and even Airbnb point out on their website that it shouldn’t replace or stand in for proper home or landlord’s insurance.

If your cash or valuables were stolen or damaged by a guest, or your pets were injured, Airbnb’s guarantee would not pay out. What’s more, if you rent through Airbnb and have yet to tell your insurance company, you may find that they refuse to pay a claim. Standard home insurance won’t normally cover you for any paying guests or business visitors.

However, with the growth of Airbnb and other such sites, it is now possible to find the right cover for your needs. Airbnb Insurance provides the kind of cover normally arranged for hotels and B&B operators and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have the right cover.

What does Airbnb Insurance cover?

Airbnb Insurance has been especially designed to cover temporary leases, and means your home can be insured against loss of valuables, which is a standard exclusion under Airbnb’s Host Guarantee. Importantly, our Airbnb Insurance can also be extended to cover loss of income. So if the worst should happen, you needn’t miss out on the extra income opportunities that Airbnb offers to home owners like yourself.

Why use JM Glendinning for my Airbnb Insurance?

At JM Glendinning, we pride ourselves on providing personalised insurance service for just about any situation. In the case of Airbnb, we identified a new product demand, and through liaising with our insurer partners we can now protect hosts who might otherwise be left vulnerable.

We have experience of the market and can give you invaluable guidance not just at the time of taking out a policy, but also if and when you make a claim, which can be a complicated procedure to navigate alone.

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